Meet the Springer Kate

BY Kate Heil | Journal | 14/03/2023

An introduction to me and my journey to Spring

I’m Kate, an Account Executive at Spring. I joined Spring in September 2022, after graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in July, where I studied my degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion.

During the first year of my degree we were asked to create a brand strategy document. The brief offered a lot of freedom, the only requirement was that it had to support my research report on a current and relevant issue in the fashion industry. This was the first project of this style I had been given, and I fully immersed myself. It was my first chance to explore the full scope of what you can do within the realms of strategy, branding and marketing.

I continued to create projects like this throughout my degree, each time progressing and beginning to consider different approaches to create outcomes which ensured the right results. I loved thinking of innovative and creative ideas and bringing them to life.

It was from these projects I knew I wanted to work within the world of brand strategy, design and marketing, so joining Spring not long after graduating was a great achievement for me.


What I enjoy the most about my role

I love being a part of projects from start to finish. Getting involved in those early conversations, strategising and planning how the projects will roll out, problem solving and working with the team to find solutions. Then watching the projects come to life, liaising with clients so we meet their requirements and build relationships along the way. Finally, seeing the incredible talent from our team delivering the end results; sharing those final outcomes and seeing the positive results these have for our clients is definitely a highlight.

Why I love working at Spring

One of the best parts about working at Spring is being surrounded by such a strong, talented and supportive team. Everyone has their individual knowledge to pass on, which has provided me with invaluable skills which I can implement within my own role. (And having views of the beach every morning and fish and chip lunch breaks is of course a very nice bonus!)


Out of office

Outside of the studio, I value spending time with family and friends. On the weekend you will usually find me out and about, browsing the shops, eating good food and going for cocktails and a dance in the evening. Or, having a cosy Sunday spent walking along the beach, followed by a roast dinner and ending the day on the sofa by the fire with my cat and a good movie.

Planning trips and sharing experiences with loved ones is something that is also very important to me. I get joy out of trying new things, experiencing new places and creating memories, so ensuring I find time throughout the year to do this is a must for me!


Take a look at a couple of projects I’ve been working on:

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