Carbon Charter recognition for Spring!

BY Glen Cone | Journal | 09/06/2023

Like many businesses we constantly grapple with our focus on sustainability. We love our studio in the Grade II listed former printing works, but it’s far from A* rated when it comes to energy efficiency. Improving our sustainability was on the monthly board meeting agenda every month throughout 2022 and we’ve been making what we felt were small steps.

Alongside this, over the last few years we’ve been working with local authorities and businesses in the region to promote environmental projects, including finding ways to reclaim rain, raising awareness of our county’s Quiet Lanes, gaining opinion on the future of water and branding the UK’s first net zero town. So coming into 2023 we wanted a bigger push to make sure we were being authentic and walking the walk.

We saw our opportunity while we were working with our client Groundwork East which, amongst many other things, helps companies get Carbon Charter accredited. The accreditation was a great opportunity to invest in advice, support change and set the way ahead for Spring’s sustainability ambitions. Working with Groundwork East we were able to understand where we could do more and the positive impacts of what the whole team at Spring was already doing.

While we continue to find small ways to improve our own actions and our spaces, we’re still able to make larger positive impacts on our environment by working with clients on projects such as Creating the Greenest County, Low Impact Living, and regenerative projects such as the Wild Aldhurst Nature Reserve and WildEast. The opportunity to creatively support these brands and campaigns ensures our environmental focus remains at the forefront.

Achieving Carbon Charter accreditation is a worthy accomplishment, but it’s not the end of our sustainability journey. There’s always room for improvement and sustainability requires ongoing dedication. We’ll continue to explore ways we can improve the environment around us, through our own efforts and taking inspiration from the organisations we work with. One of our most immediate plans is a beach clean, so if you fancy joining us we can provide the litter pickers, you bring the energy and the Suffolk coast will handle the view.  

And if you’d like to find out more about the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint, visit the Groundwork website to discover what they can do for you.

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