Open Day Campaigns for Woodbridge School

BY Chris Abbott | Journal | 21/09/2023

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for us, working alongside Woodbridge School on their 2023/24 Open Day campaign.

After weeks of development the campaign launched on 14th July and together we’ve been working hard rolling out the multi channel marketing activity, which is delivering some great results, and getting some amazing feedback.

Woodbridge School approached us earlier this year to create a campaign to promote their 2023 open days, which are key moments in attracting new students to the school. Not only is Woodbridge School a brand we’ve always wanted to work with, but their brief contained one line that as a creative agency, we’re always hoping to hear!

“We want creative bravery”!

The team at Woodbridge recognised that their sector, like many others, struggles with what we call ‘The Sea of Sameness’. Independent schools have a somewhat consistent look and feel in colour, photography and language, that makes differentiating them difficult.

This was our challenge, making sure that we created not one, but three campaigns that set Woodbridge apart, that resonated with target audiences and that are solidly built on audience insights, influences and data. All while keeping them authentic and true to Woodbridge School’s character and with the end goal in mind. The results are three impactful campaigns for Prep School, Senior School and Sixth Form that we are really proud of.

“I was looking for an agency who would deliver some real creativity and intelligent thinking to help differentiate us, and Spring brought that in spades. It is a pleasure working with an agency whose values are so closely aligned with ours and what a bunch of genuinely lovely people the Springers are!”

Gemma White | Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications

Prep School Campaign

Where Children Grow

By exploring scale and perspective we have been able to bring the magic of Woodbridge Prep School to life through a series of unique and engaging parallax images.

Senior School Campaign

Together we’ll find their path, so we can all enjoy the journey.

The school journey is something that you all go on together – parents, siblings, teachers and friends, so we developed the creative to reflect the journey of a young person at Woodbridge School and used copy to reinforce the idea.

Sixth Form Campaign

Two hours to see what’s possible, two years to make it happen.

In two hours you could either binge two episodes of your favourite Netflix series or check out a place that could positively impact your future ambitions.

With school open days coming up later this month and into October, early indications of the campaign impact and engagement are extremely positive.

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