A Noticeable Change In Buying Patterns For Event Tickets

BY Andrea Jones | Journal | 07/11/2023

In the last 12 months, we’ve seen event ticket buyers increasingly opt to purchase tickets much closer to the event date.

This evolving trend indicates a growing desire for flexibility, prioritising last-minute decisions and real- time availability when it comes to attending events.

So how can we combat this when we all know that early sales are so beneficial?

Greater incentives might encourage consumers to purchase earlier. We’ve seen early bird discounts and additional add ons for people buying in advance as great starting points, but we know giving more away isn’t always an option as it can hurt the bottom line. There’s plenty of other considerations we can make, including optimising event pages to enhance the user experience making sure the site is working harder to convert more browsers into buyers. Some forward thinking too, turning attendees into advocates is also proven to support sales.

We can also look at greater flexibility and visibility around cancellations to ensure consumers feel able to make last minute decisions if necessary.

And remember a strong brand already has the upper hand in connecting with its audience when things get more competitive.

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