Top 5 Tips For How to Write

BY Richard Revell | Journal | 30/03/2022

How do you communicate effectively with your customers and clients?

That’s the question facing every business at the moment. Some are doing it very well, but most aren’t. The way you write is key to getting your message across effectively, and these are Spring’s top five tips on how to write.

 1. Clear

This should always be your number one consideration when writing. Don’t try and impress people by using complicated words, long sentences and jargon, just keep it simple or you run the risk of your message becoming lost or confused.

2. Concise

Keep your communications short and to the point, or you will lose people’s attention.

This is something so many businesses struggle with. On websites, in store, in marketing materials, companies throw out reams of text because they’re scared people might miss something. And because they’re so long people aren’t reading them.

There’s nothing wrong with long-form copy as content, but when you’re trying to get a message across, brief is best.

3. Comprehensive

This may sound a direct contradiction to the point above, but it’s not. People need all the relevant facts, and incomplete information is probably worse than no information at all. Just don’t over-elaborate.

4. Creative

Whatever your message, don’t stop using your imagination. Look at how comms from the World Wars such as ‘Keep Calm’, ‘Your Country Needs You’ and ‘We Can Do It’ are still in use today. Deceptively simple, but incredibly clever and effective.

5. Consistent

People look for familiarity. Don’t be tempted to let your brand position or tone of voice slip. And if you haven’t got

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