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We’re recruiting! Account Manager, FT or PT

BY Erika Clegg | Bring Positive Energy | 20/01/2021

Thanks to a growing roster of clients, we’re recruiting for a full time Account Manager, and are willing to consider experienced AMs part time for now as well. No agencies please as we already have a sole agency agreement in place. A full and detailed JD follows. Please apply to us asap as we are looking to hire immediately.

The Spring team

Summary of your role

As an account manager, you provide focused and reliable management of the daily aspects of a number of clients and their projects, internally and externally. You work with the wider Spring team to draw in specific skills and are primarily responsible for maintaining pace, accuracy, communications and delivering effective, profitable outcomes for agency and client alike.

About you

You are focused, capable and highly motivated to deliver great work. The pace and expectations of agency life are things you know well, and find energising not daunting – and you’re great at finding ways to tackle new challenges. You’ve got a keen eye for opportunities to succeed, and a great work ethic to back that up. You’re a fan of the detailed planning spreadsheet, champion of deadlines and always find a way, not an excuse. You maintain your cheer even under pressure, know how to help people deal with their own pressures, and are delighted to be part of a thriving, successful team of people. You can juggle multiple projects, have experience within brand and marketing agency, and always work to ensure quality and accuracy. You’re a people person with boundless energy, limitless enthusiasm and exceptional levels of commitment.

Our Ethos, and your role

Springers all sign up to our Ethos: Bring Positive Energy, Know What Matters, Make Excellent Work, Improve People’s Lives and Live our Vision (as agents for change). In the context of your role, consider not just how these points impact on the work you do, but also your relationships with colleagues, input to agency life and how you represent Spring outside the agency. The Ethos binds us all, allows us to be honest in our dealings with one another, and forges a strong bond between everyone on the team.

Project Input

  • Plan projects, create timetables, manage costings and people’s input
  • Use your experience of important aspects of planning and delivering campaigns and projects including, but not limited to: objective and KPI setting, brief writing, audience segmentation and insight, channel selection planning and management, social media and digital marketing planning and management, supporting concept development into application and managing the process of bringing it to life across multiple activities and channels, response gathering insight and reporting.
  • Support project research, insight, audience work, briefing, brainstorms, activities, client updates, reporting and adaptations
  • Gather insight to social media and other channels, including real world and print, develop understanding of audiences, activities, style, optimum use. Include in plans, reporting and adaptations.
  • Take responsibility for the sound delivery of projects including brand, web, campaign, brand and event from start to end, delegating 360 as required and ensuring all concerned are up to date with their work and their understanding of the context.
  • Have input to or lead content strategy, creative planning, creation, upload and seeding
  • Contact, brief, maintain comms with and help to select suppliers and project partners including printers, media, developers, bloggers etc
  • Undertake varied activities as required by projects, through your own thoughts and as briefed
  • Have contact with people employed by the client, keep them up to date on activities and get to know them as people as much as they allow.

Personal development

  1. Attend and deliver on regular 121s with company owner
  2. Attend and deliver on regular development updates with other colleagues
  3. Be aware of gaps in your skillset or knowledge and recommend ways to overcome them
  4. Take up development opportunities offered by Spring

Best practice: Account Management Processes and Procedures

(supplied to everyone in client services)


  1. Confirm meeting date, time (including duration) and venue, attendees and purpose, as soon as it is arranged, by email to principal participants.
  2. 48 hours before a meeting – whether face to face or phone – send a formal Spring agenda to all involved, with an invitation to make additions within 24 hours. Where Spring has created materials for discussion or approval in the meeting, send these as PDFs at the same time.
  3. 24 hours before the meeting send final agenda to all.
  4. On the day of the meeting, arrive at least five minutes early and distribute printed agendas, copies of last relevant minutes, and, where needed, support materials to places round the table for all. Where meeting is held remotely, ensure all materials are accessible as appropriate.
  5. Take minutes, carefully differentiating between details for record (agreements, disagreements, specification changes, forthcoming matters etc) and actions.
  6. Distribute formal minutes on Spring template within 24 hours of the meeting. These to be brief, to the point, containing actions in order of their deadlines, name of person or people responsible, and deadline date. Where agreements have been made that feel contentious, include record of this and other points of note. Invite edits within 24 hours.
  7. Distribute finalised minutes no later than 48 hours after the first set, or confirmation of the first set having been approved.

​Financial Management

  1. Write quotations for projects, including getting competitive quotes in against production
  2. Ensure timesheets are completed
  3. Work with FM to create invoices at the end of each month or on item completion
  4. Track and support budgets, and value-creation for client and Spring

KPIs and reporting

  1. Set, and track work and results against, KPIs
  2. Maintain activity plans and follow up progress on current work
  3. Draw up weekly activity reports and send by email to client on Friday by 4pm
  4. These to include updates on KPIs
  5. Draw up monthly reports on a formal Spring template and include in overarching marketing meeting packs and email to client.

Client relationship

  1. Speak to principal relationships regularly: dependent upon the stage of work with them, daily or once a week
  2. When deliveries are being made, call to let your contact know when, and call to ensure they have arrived and are acceptable
  3. Attend events which are relevant to our role: staff briefings, AGMs, launches etc
  4. Ensure that client’s people are included in Spring card drops, presents, newspaper delivery etc
  5. Approve any requirement Spring has to talk about client in our own communications
  6. Always look for opportunities to add value to the account
  7. When concerns are raised, let the client know how you will deal with them and how long it will take, and prioritise action.

​Colleague management and support

1. Draw up clear and simple creative, content or production briefs for work, including outline of work, technical requirements, background information, deadlines, as much final content as possible and other important details. Send to the relevant Spring team with photos etc they will need.

  1. Be the central point of contact for various people engaged on the account, and where they have direct contact with the client (which we’d encourage) ensure you know where they are in the process and can answer their queries about the wider project.
  2. Be responsible for booking time with the Spring team, forewarning suppliers of work coming to them and otherwise planning ahead as far as possible
  3. Call regular team informal get-togethers to ensure people are on track with their work
  4. File all documents in the server and where live documents are in GoogleDocs ensure the relevant people can access them
  5. Ensure that co-founder gets involved at planning, briefing, quality control and review stages, and attends meetings internally and with client where needed.

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