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Top 5 social media mistakes

BY The Springers | Springblog | 25/08/2020

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. But used the wrong way, it could have a potentially damaging effect on a business’s brand and image. 

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Want to avoid it? Here are the top five social media mistakes businesses make, and how to do much better for your business. 

1.Targeting the wrong audience 

Social media should be used as any other marketing channel. There need to be clear goals and strategies in place to reach the largest, and most targeted audience. 

Remember, social media is a place where you can find and connect with your target audience. If this audience is not understood or defined, you will not achieve the results you want. Having a ‘generic’ audience will mean the posts will not be engaging for the vast majority and those who are actually interested in your product or service won’t see it. 

What to do? Create a social media strategy that targets your demographic, focusing on the platforms that are relevant to existing and new customers. Defining this demographic at the start of your strategy will help outline your goals, set up plans and deliver a tailored, personalised campaign. 


2. Failing to engage with the audience 

Often a goal of social media is increased user engagement. Yet, many businesses fail to engage with users’ comments and messages on their feed. This gives the impression the brand isn’t interested in forming a relationship with their immediate community. 

When someone comments, reply! The more you respond, like or comment back, the more your customers will want to start and continue to engage.


3. Lack of brand consistency 

What is your unique brand? Does it emulate through onto social media? Don’t confuse consistency for monotony, the content does not need to be the same but it does need to be consistent with your brand’s mission, tone of voice and overall image. Doing so will create credibility with your customer base and audience and enhance your brand image.  


4. No consistency and focus

Quality over quantity. Posting too much comes across as ‘spam’ yet not posting enough can affect engagement, as your content can become hidden from your followers. 

Create a schedule, pacing your content and posting regularly two-three times a week for a focused social media schedule. 


5. Sounding impersonal and automated 

Social media is a space to display the human side of your brand. If a post or response sounds automatic or robotic, it could cost you followers and tarnish your brand’s image. 

When writing posts, think about the company’s ethos – how can you enhance this through social media? Take this opportunity to humanise the brand. It is an effective way to build trust in the company. 

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