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The People Manifesto

BY Erika Clegg | Bring Positive Energy | 15/12/2017

We are instituting a ban on words that skirt round the issue of people being people.


In this world where increasingly complex tasks can be undertaken using Robotics and AI, we feel it’s absolutely essential that the value only humans can bring is defined and supported. Empathy, creativity and soul are all intensely human. There’s a marked tendency, however, in management speak or technobabble, to refer instead to ‘targets’, ‘markets’ and (Erika’s personal bête noir) ‘users’.

It’s dangerous territory – to class people as service users immediately makes the technology king. We love the possibilities of fast-advancing tech, but it’s essential that we control it, and not the other way round.  So throughout 2018, we’re going to be focusing hard on the value of people and helping to ensure it’s cherished.

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