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It’s National Reading Day! So, what are we reading?

BY Erika Clegg | Know What Matters | 22/01/2021

As many of us find ourselves in the midst of our own children’s schooling, things like ‘National Reading Day’ take on more significance. (Reckon we’ll all be dressing up for World Book Day too). In the meantime, here’s what a few of the Springers are immersing themselves in this January.

Creative Director Glen is bringing his career even to downtime, reading The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier. He says: “It’s just fresh and relevant. It’s pocket sized so can be read when I have a free 10 mins here or there. It’s reinforced some of my creative thinking and offered some new insight. The Brand Gap really cuts to the heart of what brand is all about and has helped me shape my own voice.”

Richard, our Copywriter, has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and can always be relied upon to recommend a highly entertaining read. So take this as a tip. “I’m reading Yes Man, the true story of when Danny Wallace wanted to stop being so negative so vowed to say Yes to everything for ten months. Along the way he adopts several grannies, finds himself in a Dutch leather gay bar, wins £25,000, loses £25,000, enters his neighbour’s cat in a competition, is chased by a giant lizard in South East Asia and even finds his soulmate. A hugely uplifting book which is a great antidote to this time of year.”

Designer Sean was awarded his book as a prize on One Minute Briefs an international quick-hit creativity competition in which he often triumphs thanks to his ability to come up with really smart ideas. “I’ve just started to read my prize: it’s about the happiness revolution and statistically cataloging happiness, the affect of being happy to policy making and society as a whole.”

Katie, our Social Media Manager, is escaping into a fun read with Ghosts by Dolly Alderton. “It’s basically about a woman in her thirties using dating apps for the first time and discovering herself while being ‘ghosted’… Just a fun book really – nothing too insightful. I’m now moving on to Girl, Woman, Other.”

Erika has taken on recentish royal gossip history and is following Lady Colin Campbell’s Diana biography with Penny Junor’s Camilla. It’s light relief as her usual murder mysteries and psychological thrillers just don’t seem tempting in lockdown! Fellow co-founder Simon is escaping too, into David Niven’s ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’, and describes it as like spending time with a surprisingly self-effacing old friend.


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