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A plea for personality

BY Erika Clegg | Bring Positive Energy | 03/10/2019

We’ve all got very good at the process of branding, but there’s rumblings of a backlash. It seems that well conceived and rigorously applied brand strategy might, just possibly, be squashing the personality out of things.

The word ‘authenticity’ has been bandied about to such a degree that it’s become meaningless. Authenticity, if unearthed without sensitivity to grey areas and patiently working through complicated, conflicting information, can amount to little more than jolly vocabulary and letter-press.

Please, please, please (yes, this is heartfelt) can we allow the personality of organisations to shine through? Real colour, real vigour, real people, real views: these are the essence of the thing. Let’s invite them back, shall we?




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