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How does our Ethos come to life?

BY Erika Clegg | Bring Positive Energy | 15/07/2019

Over the past few years we have worked to develop and embed an Ethos that drives our behaviour, gives our clients and partners a promise, and guides our own development as individuals and a team.

Here’s how each item comes to life. What it means. How it feels for a Springer. How it feels for someone working with a Springer. And one word that sums it up.

Bring Positive Energy

Means that: We approach everything with energy and positivity

My perspective: “I am full of enthusiasm, right now!”

My effect: “I am gathered up in momentum and confident about this person’s ability. I feel excited.”

In one word: Enthusiastic


Know What Matters

Means that: We find out what’s important, and focus on it

My perspective: “I’ve really got my head round what’s needed.”

My effect: “I am sure this person understands what we need to do. I feel safe.”

In one word: Focused


Make Excellent Work

Means that: We devise, maintain and deliver the best response to challenges

My perspective: “I’m as good as my best piece of work. This is going to be it.”

My effect: “From first to last this person’s work has been dependably good. I feel thrilled.”

In one word: Uncompromising


Improve People’s Lives

Means that: We make things better for our clients, their customers, our community and ourselves

My perspective: “I’m in this for the positive impact it has on my fellow human beings.”

My effect: “This person has focused on what I need, as well as my customers. I feel good.”

In one word: Empathetic


Live our Vision as Agents for Change

Means that: Everything we do supports change: we know the change and make it happen

My perspective: “I can change the world, right here!”

My effect: “I knew things needed to change, and this person helped me do it. I feel proud!”

In one word: Ambitious



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