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How brands can reconnect with their audience outside the M25

BY The Springers | Know What Matters | 08/08/2017

Recent research from Trinity Mirror has revealed that national brands are failing to connect with people living outside the capital.

Mind the gap


The survey, carried out by BDRC Continental, took a representative sample of over 2,000 respondents from across the UK and asked how they felt about 56 of the biggest brands in the country. The worrying results showed that 47% thought the brands were out of touch with people in their local area, and people outside London were 11% more likely to agree with this statement. Non-Londoners were also 25% more likely to say brands don’t understand people in their local area.

Four fifths of the brands featured in the survey received a negative relevance score from respondents, but brands that were seen to be more local, such as Co-op and Yorkshire Building Society, generally received more positive scores.

As an agency outside the London bubble, we are all too aware of the perception that brands favour the capital and the people that live there. We also know how damaging this breakdown between brand and consumer can be.

This disconnect is why Spring has created HyperlocalEverywhere™, a process that is designed to reveal in-depth knowledge of a community by engaging on the ground with real people. Our system identifies what the community’s needs are, how it talks amongst itself and with others, who influences it, where it goes and what makes it tick, ensuring minimum wasted spend and maximum impact.

As consumers increasingly own brand reputation, this active engagement allows brands to join them at their own level. It’s a process we have used numerous times, with clients including EDF, Adnams and the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

It’s proved so successful that we’ve rolled it out across the country, forming the HyperlocalEverywhere™ Network – a partnership between like-minded agencies across the country. The network and project delivery is managed by Spring but allows us to involve award-winning teams from Freshfield in the North West, The Karol Marketing Group in the North East, Plinkfizz in the Midlands and purplefish in the South West.


To discover more about HyperlocalEverywhere™ use this link and start connecting with your audience where it really counts.

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