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Five-agency UK communications group launches

BY Erika Clegg | Live Our Vision | 31/10/2016

Five award-winning regional strategic communication specialists have joined to create The Hyperlocal Everywhere™ Network, delivering corporate affairs for the sharing economy.

Spring, Freshfield, Plinkfizz, The Karol Marketing Group and purplefish together cover the South East, North West, Midlands and East, North East and South West of the UK to create a revolutionary new offer in marketing services.


Trust in brand messaging increases when delivered in a local context*.  The network offers some of the best marketing talent in the country with direct access to regions in order to get to the heart of a specific geographic or demographic community. Designed as a platform for marketing communications and specialising in immersive community engagement, the network will enable brands, organisations and governing bodies to get closer to the people they need to target in order to deliver behavioural change.

Whether a client is looking to expand into a new market or just wants ultra-effective targeting, the Hyperlocal Everywhere™ Network promises to connect with the people in geographical, real or virtual communities.  Hyperlocal EverywhereTM uncovers in-depth knowledge of a community, identifying what its needs are, how it talks amongst itself and with others, who influences it, its hopes and fears, and what makes it tick, ensuring minimum wasted spend and maximum impact. The network engages on the ground, with real people, delivering fundamental impact at grassroots level.

The Hyperlocal Everywhere™ Network comprises agencies with a proven track record in regional consultation as well as national brand campaigns. This combination of specific expertise makes the network a great asset for national brands looking for full service agency provision for local campaigns.  It allows brands to avoid coordinating multiple agencies or having their project passed on from a city agency team to freelancer with compromised results.

The Hyperlocal Everywhere Network agencies look after a range of national and local brands.  These include EDF, Arts Council, The Manufacturing Advisory Service, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, The Original Cottage Company, North-West Aerospace Alliance, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Loch Fyne Restaurant & Grill, Redrow Homes, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Lancashire County Council, Suffolk County Council and Essex County Council.  Together these agencies offer strategy development, design and branding, digital marketing, social media, public relations, data strategy and management, community consultation and engagement, partnership marketing and events delivery.


*As identified in the Government Communications Plan 2016/2017.

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