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Everything’s changing: are you?

BY Erika Clegg | Live Our Vision | 19/06/2019

In Spring’s lifetime, the world of communications* has changed irrevocably. it’s only organisations who recognise that, and are willing to flex, adapt and make bold choices, who thrive.

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The old descriptions of agency activities (design agency, PR agency, digital agency etc) are heading into dinosaur territory – agencies need to be fleet of foot and use a range of skills to deliver campaigns. The core thing is a clear insight and a solid idea. Spring is part of a new wave of agencies that is leading this new way of working for clients who also understand the imperative to adapt and be bold.

Spring fields an exceptional team of people driven by a common Ethos, which we embed into everything the agency is and does. We bring positive energy,  know what matters, make excellent work, improves people’s lives and live our vision as agents for change. What this means is that we are very much focused on our client’s opportunities or challenges, and in finding smart ways to help them meet their ambitions and smash barriers to progress.

So H2OMG! for example, draws in a wide range of disciplines including brand strategy, graphic design, exhibition design and build, social media, gaming, PR  – even carpentry and circus skills!  – all working together to deliver a clear and compelling idea. This worked because it looked at people first, and built out from there. 

People are bombarded with messages from organisations, politicians, ‘influencers’ and others all trying to get a share of their focus and open their minds to something. For any of this to have a hope of working it has to really stand out and speak to them directly. 

We understood that the people Anglian Water wanted to connect with were busy and that, also, in the week for which the event had been booked, they had an additional challenge – what to do with the kids in the fourth week of the summer holidays. So we solved their challenge by delivering an educational, highly-interactive, exciting and fun event. What was essential is that the event met its promises, and that people actively enjoyed themselves and felt that it was an enriching experience.

They did, and that allowed Anglian Water to talk to them in a friendly, ‘growth mindset’ environment. Many thanks to Sarah Chambers at Archant for a cracking piece of editorial on this subject today, which you can read here.



*In fact, we’d change that to ‘the world’! 

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