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Brand Marketers! Want to save 50% and double your impact?

BY Erika Clegg | Live Our Vision | 05/01/2016

Know that old saying “Half my advertising budget is wasted: problem is I don’t know which half”? With an advertising budget of £1,000,000 that means a wasted half million.

Luckily, Spring knows how to help our save our clients 50% and reap huge rewards.


Spring’s ‘Hyperlocal Everywhere’ consumer insight programme is designed to help our clients get right to the heart of the specific geographic or demographic community they are targeting, with minimum wasted spend and maximum impact.

Having undertaken a tried-and-tested research process, Spring develops a strategic communications strategy with our client to target that group from the information learned.

So if you want to access the smallest, genuinely engaged audience possible (and achieve the best results!) this is the answer.

This process reveals who the real opinion formers are – not just the elected and high ranking, where community gathering points are, how communities share information amongst themselves and what their hopes and fears are. This data can either be viewed in print or expanded on an interactive online map, which clients are able to access as their project unfolds.

The process is of great value to clients who want to target people on a hyperlocal basis and, crucially, this immersive process allows us to get to hard-to-reach groups: essential for many brands.

Hyperlocal Everywhere

The natural outcome of this is that Spring clients are able to run communications and marketing programmes which adapt specifically to community needs and aspirations. This means less wasted marketing effort and money, and more tightly focused spend, well-honed messages and increased effectiveness.


Hyperlocal Everywhere is unique to Spring: we have developed and fine-tuned the briefing process, information gathering, reporting and strategic response over the last nine years, and it’s helped clients including retailers, energy and FMCG manufacturers to achieve maximum impact with a well-spent budget.

We’ve kept it a trade secret for established clients until now.

If you’d like to know more email erika@agencyforchange.co.uk or call Erika on 01502 726161.

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