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A Love for Latitude

BY The Springers | Improve People's Lives | 18/07/2017

It’s around this time of year that Southwold and the surrounding area pick up an extra buzz. People from around the country pour in for Latitude, one of the most popular festivals in the UK. It’s held on the Henham Estate, just four miles from Southwold and close enough for us to hear a kick drum if the wind’s in the right direction.


Several Springers made the short trip over the weekend to enjoy the music, comedy and more – here are their experiences of Latitude 2017:

Halcyon: My Latitude involves serving around 3,000 cups of tea! I attend in my capacity as a volunteer at The Loft Youth Centre – a Southwold based youth centre – to run the Parent and Baby Chill Out Tent in the Kids Area of the Festival. We provide free tea, coffee and squash for parents and their pre-schoolers who are need of somewhere to sit and a few minutes peace and quiet away from the business of the festival. In return for providing this service, Latitude makes a charitable donation to The Loft.

George: This was my 12th year at Latitude, I’ve made it my mission to not miss a year. It’s a great opportunity to discover some completely unknown acts – the Solas stage was a highlight for me this year where we got to watch Leo Standard play, a young up and coming musician with bags of talent. I would definitely recommend (although my musical taste is often frowned upon in the studio).

Erika: We saw more science than music – my science-mad son spent hours in the Faraway Forest counting his heart beat and finding out about the Unlimited Space Agency. I loved that what started as a story turned into an ambitious and audacious pursuit to get a 3d printed man onto the ISS with Tim Peake. My personal music moment was when Divine Comedy gloriously broke into Blue Monday by New Order midway through Indie Disco – it was uplifting and hilarious, which is pretty much Divine Comedy all over.

Bex, Will and Savannah
Ex-Springer Bex Spillings with her daughter Savannah and Erika’s son Will

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