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2016 Morocco highlights

BY The Springers | Make Excellent Work | 20/12/2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re introducing a series of blog posts which will take a look back over some of this year’s highlights of our campaign for the Moroccan National Tourist Office. Kicking off the series are our UK-wide digital billboards.


These photos show digital roadside ads which are currently on show around the country in both 48-sheet and 96-sheet digital format.  Targeting drivers in and around major conurbations, these large format digital billboards can be seen the length of the country from London to Liverpool. Working with one of the UK’s leading out-of-home media owners, Primesight, the MuchMorocco brand is used to brighten up commutes for tens of thousands of drivers during the winter months, and drive home the attraction of a sunshine holiday within easy reach of the UK.



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